Ballroom Diagram One


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  1.   tracy on December 20th, 2016

    Ok, so I know I was supposed to post this paragraph an extremely long time ago, but here it is LOL.

    My intention for this ballroom diagram was to sort of stand on the shoulders of Rankine and Coats because they do have similar views about racism, however they talk about it in two really different ways. Rankine chooses to express her frustration of racism with a lyric where as Coats chooses a letter to his son. They both feel like racism still exists in many forms but differ depending on gender. Yancy’s piece is on raced bodies and how even though we may think we’re in a colorblind society, we’re really not and there’s no escaping the truth, for this source I was going to use the strategy of ass-kissing. For coopers article, I also wanted to use the strategy of ass kissing. She reports on an incident that happened on a wine tour which is considered a “white space.” Cooper goes on to discuss what happened when blacks are forced to realize what really happens when you’re in a white space. The next source is another book by George Yancy, Black Bodies, White Gazes: The Continuing Significance. He talks about the significance of what a “white gaze” is and also what that means for blacks in the society, again, my strategy is ass-kissing. These sources all fit together in a strange way because even though it may not seem like one has anything to do with the other, everything kind of overlaps. It’s extremely difficult to talk about race and racism because it’s been done so many times that I find it hard to bring to light a new perspective, but I’m going to try to really unpack what both my primary works have to do with the new movements against racism in America.

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    Out of sight, Out of mind: Reading Minds, Touching Brains

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